Mahsa Arfa

Insight Summer Workshop

Collaboration with Alex Aydelott, Megan Lane, and Andrew Bailes

Problem: To create a summit held by Amala Foundation  to teach the youth population  empathy, tolerance, and acceptance of one another no matter what race, gender, culture, or other differences in lifestyle they may have with one another. 

Strategy: To successfully reach our teenage audience, a bright and cheerful color pallette was chosen, along with hand-rendered illustrations referenceing universal symbols of community, nature, and communication in a journalistic and loose child-like style.

Solution: The Insight summer workshop targets a diverse group of teenagers, ages 14-18 in a unique environment intended to foster understanding and open communication between people from different backgrounds. At targeted daily workshops focused on topics such as race, religion, politics and gender, teens will be encouraged to candidly address issues within their lives in an safe and open space. From this personal exchange will come perspective and tolerance that the teens can carry into their daily lives.




Color Palette


Print Ads


Mobile App

The mobile app for this workshop is called Unite. Youths that attend the program will be able to use this app after the summit is over to keep in contact with each other. This app also offers volunteer opportunities and such. Once the user hits a certain amount of hours, they will be eligible to receive scholarships from donors and/or sponsors to use towards college.


Attendees will receive this self reflection journal that also contains the itinerary and a poster on the back of it in which they can tear out and use. This journal is to be used at the end of the night to reflect on that particular day and the topic that was discussed.