Mahsa Arfa
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Problem: Many people need therapeutic services but cannot afford the cost or do not have the time. It seems easier to jump to medication but therapy must go along with it to get the proper healing one needs.

Strategy: Utilize various forms of therapy that can help a diverse group of people with different needs.

Solution: Create a free service with numerous therapeutic methods ranging from guided meditation to art therapy. These services are put into categories of what they mainly consist of as well as how much time and experience the user have. With the variety of practices and exercises, Clarity is sure to provide relief for any one.

Problem: To design a mobile app that provides free therapeutic services for users.

Strategy: Researched which therapy exercises yield the best results on an interactive app and organize them in a manner which is easy to navigate.

Solution: To provide resources and practices for users to utilize. Users can then save whichever exercises they enjoy or want to view later. This provides easy access to their library and such wherever they are. The variety of exercises in the app are sure to provide relief for all users.